LPI 846 - Construction and Interconnection of the Hernandarias Industrial Park 220/66/23KV.

Beginning Construction:

October 2013

End Construction:

April 2015


Executive Project, Supply of materials and Construction of:
- A 220/66/23 kV Substation with a Bank of Single-phase Transformers (4 units) of 60MVA (3x20MVA) and a Three-phase Transformer of 220/23kV of 41.67MVA.
- A 220kV aerial transmission line with double triplet and double conductor per phase of 3KM.
- A single 66kV aerial Transmission Line of 15KM with an underground section of 800 meters with a capacity of 100MVA.
- Expansion of the Hernandarias Substation.


ANDE (Administración Nacional de Electricidad)