The Ñu Guazú Freeway generates an economic and social benefit for the community

The community bordering the Ñu Guazú Freeway recognizes the economic and social benefit that road works represent for the population.

The Ñu Guazú Freeway has meant a change in the lives of families and businesses in the area, providing them not only with a new, direct and quick connection, but also an opportunity to boost trade, revalue properties and beautify the community.

Eliana Gómez, member of the neighborhood Mbocayaty, spoke about the change that her neighborhood witnessed and the facilities that this new access implies. "I get to Luque in 10 minutes , that used to be unthinkable”, she says. She adds that any change that benefits the community, and the population in general, deserves to be supported by the neighbors themselves, because it is a benefit for all inhabitants.

For Rolando Brítez, the road works represent an opportunity to improve the visibility of the place where he works, a well-known blacksmith that has been present for almost 15 years, and is located in the area of the Ñu Guazú freeway viaduct . As a Luqueño, his daily commute to work has been immensely simplified, now that he has a direct access that helps him move from one place to another in less than 20 minutes. He also considers the advantage of road accesses to increase sales, with the possibility of doubling the daily customer base of his blacksmith business in the near future.

For both Eliana and Rolando, progress usually generates some resistance in the population, which is usually wary of change, but then values them once they begin to see and enjoy the benefits. “Any sort of progress always has some resistance at first, " says Eliana, and adds that it is very important that the construction companies make the population participate when the work is being carried out, thus adding the social component that is a very important factor in improving a city urbanistically, so that the changes are less resisted and better valued "I love that they make people participate, so progress is valued by all," she says.